Prof. Alexander Tseitlin

Prof. Alexander Tseitlin
The technical and scientific manager of Pakatz Company is Prof. A Tseitlin – a member of the Russian Transport Academy and a member of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE).

Prof. Tseitlin wrote over a hundred books and articles and to his right were registered over 30 patents in the field of transport structures and mainly in the field of bridge design, and he is included with the professional leading forces in Europe in this field.

During his years of activity Prof. Tseitlin won many awards, amongst them the U.S.S.R State Prize.

Among Professor A. Tseitlin’s works:

•The design of overall over 40 kilometers of built concrete bridges.

•Development of calculation and global concrete bridge engineering systems.

•Development of statistical calculation methods of concrete bridges including non-linear, long lasting procedures (incl. creep, shrinkage, steel relaxation, temp differences, chemical corrosion, etc.)

•Development of systems for the estimation of real load capacity of bridges and tunnels under account of the existing flaws of aforementioned structures.

•Developing methods of bridge repair and reconstruction.

Development of computerized design and sketch systems for bridges.