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Bridges and road structures

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    Bridge Department

    Design and consultation in the field of transportation structures that include bridges, interchanges, tunnels, culverts, pedestrian passages,  retaining walls, and other special structures for the operation and maintenance of roads and railroads.
    •Development of the Software for bridge and structural design including nonlinear long-term processes (incl. creep, shrinkage, steel relaxation and etc.)
    • Inspection and Analysis of Failures of existing Transportation Structures;
    •Development of new Methods and Technologies and Structural Planning for Reconstruction and Restoration of existing Transportation Structures;
    •Development of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Transportation Structures.
    •Bridge inspection
    •Planning and making of databases and execution layout for projects of bridge restoration and reconstruction.

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    Road Department

    • City building plans and availability advancement in district and national committees (and the Committee of National Infrastructures).
    • Early and particularized planning of municipal and interurban road layouts and of interchanges.
    •Traffic and traffic lights design
    •Open land design, residential areas design, rural settlements design, industrial areas design.

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    Tunneling Department

    Since 2017, with the joining of Dr. Alex Koren to Pakatz Engineering Ltd. As head of the department, Pakatz engineering practices in the design of mined tunnels.

    Here are the main services of the tunneling department:

    • Structural design of mined tunnels in different methods such as TBM, NATM, tunnels in incremental launching method and so forth…

    • Inspection of the site from a geomechanical point of view.

    • Static and dynamic calculations of the structure of the tunnel with interaction with the ground based on the analysis of final elements of the structure in full 2D and 3D modeling.

    • Particular design including execution stages and work methods in accordance to the construction method.

    • Execution instructions including assessment of the situation, monitoring, following and analyzing the stability of the tunnels during the execution.

    • Design control, opinion, etc…


Menachem Begin Road 52,
Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel
Phone: 03-7916916
Fax: 03-7916917

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