Cross Israel road – section 19

During the making of section 19 of Cross Israel road Pakatz planned many bridges and road structures such as agricultural overpasses and underpasses, culverts, and retaining walls.

Investor: Cross Israel Ltd.

Head designer of the project: Mahod Ltd.

Bridge architect: Ethan Kimmel, Kimmel – Eschkolot Architecture

Landscape architect: Moriyah-Skali

Design period: 2002-2007

During the preliminary tender bridges crossing the Cross Israel road were made – two Timnah Watercourse bridges, overpass over Naan – Be’er Sheva railroad, road bridges on roads 383 and 353 and large culverts in the crossing of the railroad.

Operating contractor of the preliminary project: Ashkrit Ltd.

Design period: 2003 – 2005

For the tender to starting a system of agricultural overpasses Pakatz planned 5 overpasses in early design and 3 overpasses were completed in particularized design.

Operating contractor: Faber

Design period: 2004 – 2006

Agricultural overpass Cross Israel model

For two other tenders the following structures were made:

Main contractor: Roleder Ltd.

Bridge contractor: Ashkrit Ltd.

Two separate bridges in crossing the Ella watercourse

Two separate bridges in crossing the Govrin watercourse

Culverts and underpasses in the watercourses Rif, Barkai, Dakarin, Azrar culverts.

Main contractor: Olitski Ltd.

Bridge contractor: Ashkrit Ltd.

Two separate bridges in the crossing of Lachish watercourse.



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