Ha’emek railway project

Engineering company Pakatz (1997) Inc. began the design of bridges and structures in the Ha’Emek railway project in the year of 2003 after winning a design tender of the Israeli Railways lead by the designer of the railway DAL Ltd. development and engineering Inc. The design works included a part from “Lev Hamifratz” bridge in Haifa to the bridge above road 6/70 – Kishon creak (segment A).

In the stage between the years 2003 – 2006 particularized plans of most of the railway structures in segment A were made when a tender to the set up of segment A1 in Haifa bay area was also published.

As part of the particularized design nearly 4 km of railway bridges were designed, in a total size of 40,000 m² and approx 12,000 m² of road bridges, retaining walls, water conducts and the rest of the structures that come with the railway.

In the year of 2006 the project was put on hold, including the cancellation of the A1 segment tender and was renewed in the end of 2010 under the administration of Netivei Israel Ltd.

Segment A was divided into six perpetration segments when five of them (from segment A2 to Segment A6) were carried out as part of the tenders by Netivei Israel administered by H.F.T Ltd. and segment A1 as part of the Yefe Nof Ltd. tender.

Most of the tenders were published using the DB method and Pakatz Ltd. made a design for these tenders and operated as a design inspector in the name of the client. Still a number of the works the project included were carried out in the contractual tender method, in which we made a particularized design to be executed.

On top of the works in segment A of Ha’Emek railway, Pakatz Ltd. designed bridges and structures in the Ha’Emek railway project in segment B1 for Eltrans contractor.

A large extent of the project and the complexity of the engineer structures are impossible to describe in a short article. Because of that only a small number of examples of road structures designed by the Pakatz Ltd. engineers is given.

A bridge above Ha’Emek railway on road 722 in the length of approx 210 m and a width changing between approx 20m up to 30.5 m was designed as a segmental bridge in a box crossection with spans up to 60m.

The bridge was carried out by the contractor Danya Sybus. The design included a particularized design of the bottom structure carried out by Pakatz engineering Ltd. when the design of the superstructure was made by Eng. Greg Finley (Finley Engineering Group) accompanied by Shamir Ltd. – Pozner – Brown. 


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