Naa’n -Be’er Sheva railroad

Upgrade works and doubling the railroad in the length of approx 80km.

Investor: Israeli Railways

Head designer: Deker Building and Engineering Ltd.

Project running: Northern part – Gadish Ltd. Southern part – Baran Ltd.

Project status: Under construction

Upgrading works and doubling the railway in about 80 km are done by Israeli Railways using a number of contractors.

In the railways designed and partially done by Pakatz Ltd. are about 25 railroad bridges, 12 roads and agricultural overpasses, railway tunnel in the Cut&Cover Method, over a 100 culverts, retaining walls and acoustic walls.

Length: Total length of the bridges is over 2000m

Width: moves between 8.5-30.0m

Structure type: girder bridges

Cost of project: approx 120,000,000.00 NIS

Railroad in the length of approx 20 km.


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    תל אביב – יפו, ישראל
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