Natbag Modein rw line– bridge 15

Bridge in the length of approx 450.0 m designed and built in Incremental Launching Method.

Investor: Israeli Railways

Contractor: Ramet Ltd.

Design Period: 2004

Cost of design: approx 26,000,000.00 NIS

General Data:

Length: Approx 430.0 m

Width: 11.0 m

Spans: 45.0 m

Erection Method: Incremental Launching Method

When roads 15 and 14 were built the two bridges were joined into an equable structure that is the longest bridge made using the Incremental Launching Method in Israel – full length of approx 700m when the method was used from both sides (bridge 15 – approx 430 m and bridge 15 – approx 230 m).

Bridge number 15 is the longest bridge ever built using the Incremental Launching Method in Israel.


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