Natbag Modein rw line– bridge 16

Bridge in the length of 210 m with a main span of 78.0 m – biggest span between railroad bridges in Israel built in Balanced Cantilever Method.

Investor: Israeli Railways

Contractor: Ter-Arme Ltd.

Design period: 2004-2005

Cost of design: approx 10,000,000 NIS

General Data:

Length: Approx 210.0 m

Width: 11.0 m

Spans: 78.0 m

Erection Method: Balanced Cantilever Method using a special bottom form work.


    דרך מנחם בגין 52,
    תל אביב – יפו, ישראל
    טלפון: 03-7916916
    פקס: 03-7916917

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