Outer ring road of Moscow

During the expanding and rehabilitation of the ring road around the city of Moscow made in the years 1995 – 2000, Pakatz Ltd. designed and built many bridges.

A ring road in the length of 109 km was designed for 5 traffic lines in each direction and includes a big number of interchanges, bridges and other road structures.

During the project Professor A. Tseitlin developed a prototype of prestressed concrete cast in situ bridges that provides principals for a structural and architectural solution for bridges of his sort on ring roads.

The need for setting the solution came from the fact that in the period prior to the construction of the ring road, in the U.S.S.R and in Russia it was customary to build prestressed concrete bridges from precast elements and bridges with cast in situ superstructures were rarely made.

The decision to use cast in situ slabs came from architectural considerations and as an attempt to minimize the investment of the maintenance of the structures.

Investor: Moscow government

Head designer: Soyzdoproyect Ltd.

Design period: 1995-2000

Pakatz planned 10 road bridges for the project.

A specific description of part of the bridges planned by Pakatz Ltd. is presented under the “Road Bridges” category.


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