Road 431

Suburban width highway (east-west) connecting west Rishon Le Tsion with Modein.

Investor: the national company of roads in Israel (Maatz)

Main designer of the road – D.A.L Ltd.

Main bridging designer and road structure designer: Pakatz Ltd.

Bridge Architect: Micha Verthaim

Landscape architects: Dan Fox and Kesem architects (Bruce Levin and Larry Gordon)

Building of the bridge in PFI method

Concessionaire: Netivei Ha Yovel Ltd.

Design period: 2005 – 2008

Suburban width highway (east-west) connecting west Rishon Le Tsion with Modein (from road 20 to road 1) and crosses main roads – number 4, number 6, number 42, number 44 and many others.

Length of the road: approx. 22 km.

Full length (including ramps): approx. 105km.

The project includes about 70 bridges and passes, tens of km of retaining walls, tens of drainage ducts and culverts, over a 100 signal roads and other road structures.

For the project Pakatz company made the preliminary design of all the bridges in the project, particularized design of 10 bridges and serves as the main designer of the project.

During the making of the PFI tender Pakatz designed all the engineer structures of the project.


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