Dr. G. Tseitlin (r.i.p)

Dr. G. Tseitlin (r.i.p)
Served as head of board of directors and a partner in the company, practiced engineer design and the research of bridges and transportation structures, the development of statistic calculation programs and structure maintenance systems.

Among Dr. G. Tseitlin’s works:

• The design of hundreds of new bridges and tens of reconstruction projects of bridges at a total cost of approximately 800 million dollars.

• Development of calculation and global concrete bridge engineering systems.

• Development of computerized bridge and structure reviewal and maintenance systems.

• Development of bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation systems

 • Development of computerized design and sketch systems for bridges.

• Development of bridge and road structure maintenance system

George (Yura) Tseitlin was a man of vision, with a rare engineer and scientific intuition, who had wished to promote the field of bridge and structural engineering both in Israel and in Russia.

A great man and a dear friend, whose presence is missed in the company every day.